Flymaster Open 2021 – Sport (up to EN-B)

2021-08-21 to 2021-08-27, FAI Category 2 event

macedonian sport

Total results (FTV: 25%)


Results include only those pilots where Nation code equals MKD and ca:Sport_class (up to EN-B) equals 1

#IdNameNatGliderSponsorT 1T 2T 3T 4Total
150petar janushevMMKDGradient Golden 3Aquila681.0/999.485.5576.60.01258
251Petar SimicMMKDSwing ARCUS 7/367.3/632.7100.8567.90.01036
FTV Validity
T1 Task 12021-08-22 12:00   63.999.94%Race to goal
T2 Task 22021-08-23 12:00   50.410.08%Race to goal
T3 Task 32021-08-24 11:45   61.057.66%Race to goal
T4 Task 52021-08-27 12:00   41.10%Race to goal